It is straightforward to follow some rules, but some people would still not follow the instructions. They think that this is just the first time, and they won’t consider doing it again the next time. The problem now is it is becoming a habit of that person to do the wrong thing. They won’t stop until bad things happened to that part of the house or themselves. This one may cause trouble, and he may spend a lot of money to repair or replace the said material in that specific place.  


One of the most obvious ones that we have to follow is throwing the garbage or the dirt in the bin. This is the essential thing we learned from our school. In our kitchen, under the sink can be found a garbage disposal system. This one can help to catch those debris and food particles that shouldn’t be flowing to the draining of the septic tank. Some lazy people would still insist on throwing those large particles into that disposal. They believe that nothing wrong would happen since that is the purpose of that system.  

Of course, doing this kind of activity can have bad effects and consequences that you need to face sooner. We can’t blame others, especially those people living in an apartment or condo. It is easy for them to do this, since they can’t have a bin outside their home. While things are not that serious, you have to think hundreds of times not to throw your waste away directly to your sink. You can read some articles on the internet about the bad effects on your drainage and pipes. It can give you a headache when things happened badly.  

It is nice to know that we should not throw these things into our disposal next time. You can help yourself to save more money for the repair and replacement of it. You don’t need to feel bad as you can always make your wrong actions right this time.  

There are some people that after they have cooked the food, they would throw the oil or the fats of the meat directly to the disposal or sink. They didn’t know the there is a bad thing that may happen. Once the temperature or the weather becomes cold and low, the fats can be solid and stuck there for a long time. Others would try to use hot water to flush it, but it is not always possible.  

Chicken and meat bones are not supposed to be thrown there. It is hard for that disposal to break this one. It is also even tricky for human beings to chew those bones. You can directly throw them to your rubbish bin so that it won’t give you a headache later.  

We think that fruits and vegetables can decay after a couple of days, then that is true. But this one doesn’t mean that you have to keep on throwing them to the disposal. The bad thing there is that the blade can’t always cut them down. If you have a problem by now, you need to consult a professional plumbing Belfast service with experience in the garbage disposal.